THOR is coming…

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Who Farted?

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Who Farted?

Booger from Revenge of the Nerds

Know what you goin git?

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Hello Internet!

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Victor Dergess the third here and this is the new TRASHY STRIP CLUBS DOT COM. Originally planned to be a Christian fellowship we decided to focus our money towards getting lap dances, booze and drugs rather than getting into Heaven.

The format is going to be as follows… We find the absolute worst strip clubs in the world and present our serious reviews and thoughts on them. Our team of scoundrels will delve into the world of adult entertainment. Taking no prisoners and leaving no STD unacquainted. We put our hands and dicks in harms way every time for your reading pleasure.

Posts will consist of strip club reviews, rub and tug encounters and other random shit that we find along the way…. Welcome to Le Trashy Strip Clubs dot cum!